Maid Brigade House Cleaning Service Reviews

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Value for money
I just had enough of my house never really being clean All they ever did was surface clean. And even that was a joke. I'm so mad at myself for keeping them as long as I did. Right now as I'm writing this review I have a new cleaning my house that has been here since 9am and it's now 12:20 and their still cleaning. I'm so upset at how dirty my house is, you would think it has not been cleaned in months.I want to report them to consumer affairs....
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I didn't like
  • Quality
The owner is rude he charged me 465.00 for a deep clean I do twice a year my maids for 10 years had moved.We had agreed on 380.00 2300 sq ft home. Took the workers more time so I paid. The job was so poor I called he sent 2 more good workers over but gave them 30 min to fix. Lot more happened he wrote me an text when I complained and accused me of being drunk. He also uses help who he knows he can over work and under pay. I heard 3 conversation...
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Anonymous This lady is an *** and everything wrong with consumers thinking they are entitled. Customer service goes both ways. Don't treat a service like *** and think they are interest...